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Craftman Walking in Tanneries in Morocco

Why Visit Ancient Tanneries in Morocco? Learn leather crafting in Fez and Marrakech.

The tanneries in famous cities including Fez and Marrakech are as old as history. Each of them reveals the country’s rich culture and its traditional arts. Like ironing, tanning is an important phase in leather making, and here you will have an opportunity to watch it live and also see the famous Chouara Tannery to know the process involved, and also learn the kind of leather products that are recommendable to purchase. Morocco Products will you in a tour of the Moroccan tanneries that will be quite a sensual experience.

Popular Tanneries in Morocco

Many interesting tanneries are situated in Morocco. Some of the well-known ones are Chouara Tannery in Fez, the colorful Marrakech workshops, and historical tanneries in Sefrou.

For the art enthusiasts, Chouara Tannery found in the old city of Fes is a must visit site while your Morocco Tours. Established in the 11th century, it well displays all the steps of the processing involving cleaning of the hides and dyeing. The various colours of the dyed leather vats evoke the feelings and bring a direct connection of Morocco’s ancient artistry.

Tanneries are also a major specialty of Marrakech, and they are characterized by their bright colour and excellent leather. Anchoring the accessories composition and the artisans’ pride are handcrafted bags, belts, and wallets. Their work also presents Morocco’s great talent in making leather articles.

1-The Iconic Chouara Tannery: A Feast for the Senses

Chouara Tannery

Out of all tanneries of Morocco, Chouara Tannery in Fez can be deemed as the most distinct. It is situated right in the cradle of the old city or the Medina as it is commonly referred to. As the eleventh-century setting, this workshop remains rather lively, colorful, and with the smells one would expect. The clangour of hammers from the workers and the enticing smell of the different kinds of foods being cooked is also part of what you experience. They can also step up to the balconettes. From there they can observe how it is processed and prepared to make leather products. They notice every process: cleaning and dyeing, and all the processes end in manufacture of the leather goods.

This tannery is one of the visible examples of Morocco’s rich hand craftsmanship heritage. It would be rather impossible to explain the true Moroccan culture without having to visit this place. Here, it becomes possible to see the setups and the overview that connects us to the history preceding the nation’s present. We can observe how various handicraft skills were learned and belong to the following generations.

2-Marrakech Tanneries: Artisanal Treasures

Man Working in Tanneries in Morocco : the Marrakech Tanneries

Many Moroccan tanneries can be found in Marrakech. They showcase to the visitors outstanding craftsmanship of handmade leather products. All these tanneries are found within the medina and illustrate various methods that are used. Now that we’re here there are colorful bags, belts, wallets, and so many other products. These are produced by artisans in the traditional methods.

Tanneries of Marrakech are examples of Morocco’s hidden leather history. They are filled with such singularities that you can take home with you. The medina is spirited and quite attractive, by virtue of the bold and detailed decoration. Avaliable for purchase are such items as slippers which are really comfortable and can be used every day, and leather journals which is created to look very profound and refined. This makes shopping here an amazing experience to anyone who wants the raw, organic and original feel of a product.

If you want a new purse, a piece of decoration, or a love that embossed, go to Morocco’s tanneries in Marrakech. You’ll faint; you’ll die, they will really make an impact on you. Discover the colourfulness of the leather market. It will be advisable to take home something that depicts Morocco’s unique culture and workmanship. It shall help you view the country in a way that you will never forget.

Tanneries in Morocco: Exploring the Process

Leather Products Made in Tanneries in Morocco

Moroccan tanning industry is still critical in the production of fine, long-lasting leather. This traditional practice includes:

Washing Raw Hides: Raw hides are washed in order to remove such substances as blood, grains, mud and the likes.

Chemical Treatments: Hides are subjected to a number of chemicalizing stages with an aim of removing hair and pre-conditioning the hides.

Dyeing: The leather is directly overstamped on the vats of bright genuine dyes for the specific coloration.

Drying and Treating: Last and final, the leather is left to dry, the outer surface of the skin is oiled to make it soft and the quality of the skins is also treated to the highest quality.

These steps is how the leather products that are famous all around the world are produced.

The Best Leather Products to Buy in Morocco

Brown Leather Backpack

When visiting Morocco especially the tanneries, you will be able to see beautiful leather products. They are; Handbags, wallets, home decoration products, and accessories. The local people are very skillful in designing and creating quality work out of leather. Such Moroccan products you get are Moroccan slippers (babouches), embroidered leather poufs, and tooled leather journals.

One has to observe what can be considered distinctive about Moroccan leather. Simplicity and clean lines maybe, but this is where one can appreciate the quality and fine work that has been done. These pottery pieces that are are prepared all by hand can best be taken as souvenirs from your trip. They will help you refresh the lovely time you had in Morocco.

Recommended Moroccan Leather Products

Add a moroccan touch to you home decor with this Black Leather Moroccan Pouf or this stylish Brown Leather Backpack Purse.

For Morocco luxury tours, consider the durable Natural Leather Duffle Bag, or  this Patterned Leather Wallet for Women or  the White Square Leather Pouf to make a chic addition to any room.

Eco-Friendly Tanning: Sustainable Practices in Morocco

Eco-Friendly Tanning: Sustainable Practices in Morocco

Moroccan tanneries as it has been noted are among the first to embrace sustainable methods of tanning. They now use natural colors henna and indigo to dye the leather. This helps to reduce the harm being caused on the environment in the process of production. Furthermore, these tanneries discuss methods of handling water so that it can be recycled. It scrapped the previous ways of washing and alleviates the wastage of water in the process.

All these measures assist Moroccan tanneries to preserve culture. They also ensure that their leather products are created in manners that are friendly to the environment. This endeavour to be environmentally friendly aligns with what a growing number of customers prefer. Therefore, Moroccan leather is among the most popular products for those who seek for the relevant ethical buying around the world.

Moroccan Leather Exports: A Global Phenomenon

Leathers Products in the Wall of Chouarra Tannerie

Morocco has some of the finest tanneries it actually cannot do without them in as much as they are very vital to the nation’s economy as well as the people’s way of life. Clothing accessories such as bags, belts and shoe are very large exports. It is equally famous for premiums quality products and have high demands globally.

Moroccan tanneries are full of fine mastery created by professional artisans in the country. The use traditional techniques that defines the new Morrocan leather. Thus, as Morocco covers more of the globe to invest in the development of its leather industry, it will only be even more exposed to other fine products like these. They have espoused new strategies of manufacturing that will be environment friendly. This makes their leather even more desired by people who have conscience to take care of the planet earth.

Tanneries in Morocco: A Photographer’s Paradise

Beautiful Tanneries in Morocco

Moroccan tanneries are, indeed, a joy to the eyes especially for the lovers of photography. They are bright dyed leathers filled with detailed designs. This way of preserving skins is actually the art of tanning, and it is as old as hundreds of years. Clients can photograph the workers, the process of tanning, and even the surrounding cities.

For such photographers, these tanneries could very much benefit you most especially if you’re a professional in this line of work or maybe photography is more of a hobby for you. Morocco is a country which has been selected for the deep cultural uniting it with the old traditions and the craftsmanship.

Practical Tips for Visiting Moroccan Tanneries

Moroccan Handmade leatehr Products Babouches

Are you planning to pay the Moroccan tanneries a visit while your trip to Morocco? Here are some tips to keep in mind:Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Make sure to put on comfortable shoes which you will be using largely on rough and at times wet ground. Due to the high density of people found in tanneries it is important to respect your space as well as that of the workers.

Well, concerning the strong smells one may advise to take a scarf or a handkerchief to avoid getting closer to sources of those smells. Also, it is desirable to wear light and loose clothes for a more comfortable visit.

It is advisable to have small change for tipping the guide and other workers in the places to be visited. Mainly, they provide much information and recommendations during your visit.

As for the tray, when buying leather things, be prepared to bargain. This is part and parcel of shopping when in Morocco. There is always a good chance of getting good discounts by bargaining with the sellers.


Reflecting on the subject of Moroccan tanneries it is rather interesting to realize the nature of the work. Chouara Tannery is in Fez and the other one we discussed was in Marrakech. The above places reflect the historical background of the country as well as the bright future of the country.

These are not just factories: the tanneries. History of Moroccan arts lives in these extraordinary pieces of art, the same as for other Moroccan handmade products such as Berber carpets, Moroccan lamps and Moroccan lanterns. Their work, indeed, gives a true picture of the efficiency and the talents of the Moroccan population. Particularly, these talented people contribute to enhancing the world with their leather creations.

Further into the future, such tanneries will attract ever increasing numbers of visitors. Consumers are now conscious, they are searching for the products that are being processed in sustainable and ethical ways. This makes the tanneries even more important with regards to the amount of exported finished leather products. Moroccan films presented depict true care of the Moroccan government and its people towards the environment and their culture. Every person who comes to them realizes that handmade items have a use in the future and that tradition creates tomorrow.

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