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Discover Moroccan Treasures: Shopping in Morocco

Discover what shopping in Morocco means and where the orient meets the modernity.

Exploring the Vibrant Souks of Morocco
Marrakesh Souk

Take a trip down the labyrinthine that is Morocco’s souks. Sophisticated by narrow isles and colourful stalls encourage the guests to discover more about the culture. Existing from the tourists’ favourite Jemaa el-Fnaa in Marrakech to obscure places all over Morocco, these markets offer more than one’s eyes can see and more than one’s ears can hear.

Strolling through the souks is an expedition. That aroma of the spices, sound of merchants and the sites of beautiful products fill the air. The stalls house everything ranging from the textiles to fine jewelries.

Meeting and greeting tourists on holidays, looking for special souvenirs or just traveling to enjoy cultural experiences? literally get carried away to the souks. Haggle with local artists and designers discover gems of his markets and the vibe of these places. They link you with history of Morocco you and also introduce you to the people of Morocco.

Shopping in the souks should be done without your eyes and your other organs of perception. Well, the best is to join the market’s beat and each vendor’s call is yet another icing on the cake. To get the genuine experience while having a trip to  Morocco is to live in the disorder.

Traditional Moroccan Handicrafts
Moroccan Handicrafts

Spend some time in Morocco’s famous Handicraft Market. Art is made with the heart by skillful artisans. They are involved in the production of virtually every Moroccan product including Berber carpets, Moroccan lamps as well as Moroccan lanterns. Given below are some of the exciting items that depict the rich Moroccan culture:

Thus, Moroccan handicrafts are not limited to garments only. Some of the crafted artefacts are pottery, leather products and works, and metallic artefacts. These items are produced with a lot of attention and standard is massively high. These coins are appreciated by the travelers and collectors as the parts of coins are beautiful and have the history.

Visiting Morocco souks and workshops is like walking in a fairy tale. Out there, you will find splendid colors and designs that are usually elaborate. These two creative works are somewhat different from traditional painting and sculpture in that each piece in a sense has a narrative. Visiting the artisans studios is what you would never expect or at least I never thought I would have the opportunity to do so.

Spices and Herbs: A Feast for the Senses
Spices and Herbs in Morocco

Begin a tour of Morocco markets where the markets are characterized by aroma of spices and herbs. These flavors have triumph in the kitchen and on the tables of home chefs and food enthusiasts everywhere. They come in bright and appealing colors and touching feel that makes them sought after.
Stroll through the packed market that it is, you can buy spices and herbs by the hands full. All of the flowers have their own scent and past. The two spices when used in Moroccan foods bring a special taste; from the Cumin spice, which is rather earthy to the Coriander spice that provides a zest.
Have some of the Moroccan dish ras el hanout that has cardamom, clove, and nutmeg in it. Anticipate the colours of paprika, turmeric as well as saffron. All of them contributes its own hue and taste to Moroccan dishes.
Taste Morroccon salads, tagines, and join the fans of freshly added mint, parsley, and cilantro. These spices and such herbs accompany most meats, vegetables and even deserts. They blend the tastes which are sweet, savoury, and those associated with the ground.
Using your sense, when you are walking through the spice souks you are able to smell, taste and hear. Explore Morocco’s food experience and make unmemorable Moroccan culinary traditions your own.

Leather Goods: A Moroccan Specialty
Leather Goods Morocco

Find out about the rooted Moroccan leather products. Sellers maintain high aptitudes of artistry and marry classic styles. This leads to production of such great things as handbags, wallets and home utensils. These pieces depict the richness of leatherwork heritage of Morocco that has been extended by the skilled generation.

One can only wonder how these ornaments appear in Morocco’s lively souks, clinging to the body from beneath the outfit. Behold as the leather is tanned along with dyed with outmost precision. Watch how workers transform the skins to shiny and usable products. Appreciate the effort that was put into the craftsmanship in terms of the exquisite designs that are sewn into these items.

Searching for a fancy purse or Moroccan look for your house? Morocco’s leather accessories are them perfect. They are quality, skill, and cultural value put together. In essence, when shopping in Morocco, one feels like they are taking part of Morocco and its ability to provide high end leather products home.

Shopping in Morocco: Moroccan Rugs and Carpets

Moroccan Rugs and Carpets

Every traveler visiting Morocco would love to make a tour to the rugs and carpets market . All these textiles are produced by master craftsmen. They give a display of the beautiful Morocco culture. Each rug and carpet has a story, and that is why they are good for adding taste to your house as well as a treasure.
Just about everywhere you look in Morocco you will and can find many rugs and carpets in the markets. Here you will see designs such as warm Berber rugs and patterns with fine reflective motifs that are moorish. They are beautiful textiles and a delight for the romantic beauty lover. Here, is the place, where you will get the appropriate area rugs or carpets for your taste and house conditions.
Also Moroccan rugs and carpets are famous for the exquisite work done on them. These products are woven by hand using the indigenous loom. Although even the knots and the threads, they are all placed intentionally as if to ‘paint’ the design. The softness of the pile can be seen and felt by simply running the fingers on it as the weavers of the cloth had done.
Whether you need a bold declaration in jewelry, or an understated addition to your outfit, we have it. Common Moroccan rug and carpet styles include many types. They give a Moroccan look to any given room. People who fancy artistic and well-worked items will find them competent.

Argan Oil Products: A Liquid Gold Treasure
Argan Oil Products

Argan oil originating from Morocco is referred to as liquid gold due to its uses in beauty and in healthcare.therefore you can not missing buying while shopping in Morocco. It has got a variety of products; from Cosmetic to Foods & Beverages. Learn more about this Maroccan gem.
The kernels of the Argan Tree gives out Argan oil. This one is famous for the invigorating and fattening characteristics that it has on the skin. All the products related to hair and skin as well as the cooking products offer rich feel to the users.
Argan oil products include; face cream, Argan oil serum, hair oil and shampoo. They offer many benefits. See how Moroccan argan oil transformed people’s beauty regimen with the help of antioxidants and vitamins.
However, the argan oil is not only used for beauty purpose. Specifically, it is good for the kitchen as well. You can dress your salads up with it, or add it into baking process, or even use it to dip your vegetables into it. That is why this item became non-negotiable in the kitchen or on the vanity.
Here is information about this Moroccan oil that people did not know before. When it comes to each of the products, it is advisable to recognize and acknowledge the historical background and design of each product.

Moroccan Lanterns and Metalwork: Illuminating Your Home

Moroccan Lanterns and lamps

Moroccan lanterns and metalwork as they are known are not just utility products or accessories. They are true art that appeals to the sight and the feelings. Due to their intricate design and cheerful hues, the wallpapers add a sophisticated tropical twist to any room.
Moroccan lanterns are known as “moroccan lamps” and are recognized by the sophisticated carving of the metal. They have small opening and emit a warm and soothing light. They are present in so many forms and formats, from basic domes to the most detailed multiple-layered ones.
The metalwork is often created with using brass or copper. It is controlled and beaten into lovely designs: geometric in nature. These patterns form nice shades of light when the lantern is on.
However, Moroccan metal work is not only restricted to lanterns. It also encompasses things such as Moroccan tea sets, burners, and tray sets. All the items display the pompous craft culture of the region. Those artists employ traditions methods while manufacturing those pretty and practical products. They usually put intricate carvings, designs, and enameling, and therefore each merchandise is an artwork containing culture.
If you feel like you need to add some warmth to your living room or looking for some intense focal point for your dining table, Moroccan lanterns and metalwork are perfect. They translate the wonder of Morocco in what can be seen in your own living room. While shopping in Morocco, buy some Moroccan wonders illuminate the beauty of your home accompanied with profound symbolism of the ancient country.

Shopping in Morocco: Tips and Tricks
Shopping in Morocco Tips and Tricks

When it comes to shopping in Morocco, the people here are very friendly and hospitable, anyhow shopping specially for the first time can be a little tiring. Outside of that, here is some insider advice to get even more out of shopping in Morocco .

Negotiation is a common thing these Moroccan markets. I think it is rather a large component within the populous society. Be welcoming and willing and able to bargain. They should begin with accepting less but remain willing to negotiate, however, should leave if the deal is unbeneficial.
It is also necessary to know local etiquette. The customs of the country, as for any other country, has its traditions, and in Morocco pointing with the index finger is an example of that. It’s rude. Likewise, free hand touching products you don’t intend to purchase is prohibited. For physical well-being and to have a good time shopping, give other people the space they need.
If you were going to buy traditional articles such as rugs, leather products or garments, see and verify their merit or genuineness. Observed the intricacies and enquire on the type of material used. Thus, the money circulates within local artisans, and you get a good buy at that.
Using the following guidelines will help you shopping in the markets and from the cyber shops in Morocco. It will help you make your shopping trip memorable and fruitful.


Thus, coming back from Morocco, we keep with undisclosed values that seal Morocco’s truest and profoundest culture. Each thing that we purchased, starting from the attractive souks and ending with the artisans’ workrooms, is a lot for us now. They pull us back into the journey we started and imbue our homes with aesthetics.

The spiced and herbs revive the markets or rather the memories of the markets. These treasures are Moroccan leather goods and Berber jewelry that demonstrate Moroccan skill and art of the country’s brand image with the favorable welcome, colors and cultural richness of Morocco.

It is wonderful to come home with so many purchases and this experience of getting to shop makes us feel grateful for Morocco. Shopping in Morocco allowed us to recall our Moroccan experience, thus you get to smell the spices, touch the fabric, and even hear the tales.


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