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Souks in Marrakech

Discover the Souks in Marrakech: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to Morocco Products: an online Moroccan store that well introduce you the wonderful world of the Marrakech souks! The first important thing that anyone who is planning to travel to Morocco should not miss is the boisterous souks. These are not just mere retail markets, but are inherent centre point of Moroccan culture. Entering an oriental souk is a great impression which is overwhelmed by colors, sound and smell that can hardly be explained.

History of the Souks

Bab Lekmiss is an Old Souk in Marrakech (1)

Marrakech souks have a long history that stretches back through time to the period of Berber domination of North Africa. In the past, these markets were small-scale trading centers that involved the community’s people. They gradually assumed a structured form and became an intrinsic features of the city’s life. The strategic location of souks is usually laid in an Islamic market pattern, with narrow alleys and covered ways to protect the buyers from sun’s scorching heat.

The Main Souks of Marrakech

Souk Semmarine

Souk Semmarine

That place is Souk Semmarine in Marrakech; it is a large marketplace characterized by the variety of cultural characteristics. As a division it is an ever cheerful market place of Moroccan effects where the tourists can lose themselves in a maze of Stalls with the range of products including fine textiles to well carved lamps. S sensory experience that engulf the souk comes from the spices and the act of bargaining which is fascinated the senses. It is one of those places where you can find a powerful clash of cultures: old and new; where every corner is a new page in Moroccan culture book.

Moving around Souk Semmarine is to step back in the history and art where the craftsmen display their talent inherited for generations. Each time one confronts the elaborate weaves of fabric or gawks at the intricacies of the metal alloys, they are telling a story – and this was the market place. Despite being a mall, Souk Semmarine is a colourful experience of a city’s heart and soul – Marrakech, for every trip is a journey within that will surely spark that sense of wonder and amazement with the unique Moroccan flair in their welcoming ways and product details.

Souk El Attarine

Souk El Attarine is One of the Eldest Souks in Marrakech

Souk El Attarine or the spice and perfume souk for example is an authentic promenade to learning and even experiencing Moroccan culture through smells. The market place is a panoply of moving colors and enticing smells: stepping into it is like stepping into a cosmetic treasure trove where spices are stacked in neat pyramids, like jewels; and fancy bottles of perfume are lined in rows like kings’ jewels. The heavy scent of carnal cinnamon, saffron, and musk are dominating the air and the thickness of the scent makes everything more sensual.

Whilst wandering in Souk El Attarine, client meet professionals willing to enrich their experience with the knowledge and their products. This market brightens up whether you are hoping to get the classic Ras el Hanout spice mixes or beautifully crafted Moroccan scents; each of the stalls gives a great overview of Morocco’s culinary and sniffing heritage. Venturing into this souk could be likened to a shopping expedition but it is a cultural tour where bargaining is not only a business wonder; it is also a business dance set against the backdrops of visuals, audial and olfactory experiences that are uniquely Moroccan.

Souk Chouari

Souk Chouari

For wooden craft that are distinctly Moroccan, Souk Chouari has to rank as the best place to visit. Here accumulated in the dense maze of the Moroccan city of Marrakech’s old central market or medina are sleeveless works of gently carved wooden souvenirs.

If you are strolling through Souk Chouari, you will come across stalls with shops’ owners providing wooden partition, doors and boxes carefully carved with geometrical shapes and Arabic scripts. All of them has story of the injecting skill inherited from generation to generation, which truly presents the cultural and unique characteristic of Morocco woodworking art. Whether you are looking for a decorative item to grace your home or a souvenir to remind you of Morocco ’s inherent beauty, Souk Chouari offers the opportunity to view and appreciate the artfulness that sets Moroccan wooden crafts apart.

Souk Ablouh

Souk Ablouh is One of the Best Souks in Marrakech

Souk Ablouh is an excellent place to find food, located in the middle of the Marrakech medina and famous for the choice of olives and spices people can buy there. Moreover, from fresh juicy green olives with lemon flavor to salty black olives soaked with herbs and spices, Souk Ablouh reminds people about Moroccan’s cuisine culture.

Furthermore, here you can taste and enjoy those dishes which can open a new vision of Moroccan cuisine to you.

Souk Smata

Souk Smata

First, the Leather Souk or Souk El Kebir is a pleasant shopping experience for fine leather products located in Marrakech’s old quarter. Here, enthusiasts demonstrate their talents by presenting the works of art in form of fine belts, good bags and the famous Moroccan shoes known as babouches. Every item has to capture Moroccan leatherwork tradition and uniqeness, specific motifs, and superior quality of materials used for making.

Furthemore, the souk is very different from the usual shopping mall because here you can find out an opportunity to check through the large number of the leather products at the same time experiencing the performance of the craft inherited within the generations. If you are looking for a purse that will forever remain relevant or if you just want to take a closer look at the masterpieces of Moroccan leather Souk El Kebir, warmly welcomes you to become a part of the mystical universe of the Moroccan leather.

What to Buy in the Souks

Berber Carpets

Moroccan Berber Carpets

Moroccan Berber carpets are definitely one of those most recognizable souvenirs you can buy in the souks of Marrakech. These carpets are popular for their designs, especially their patterns, each of which is a history of the Berber tribes who design and make them. The workmanship incorporated in hand-made Berber carpet is out of this world, and these rugs are a special feature of any home.

Moroccan Lamps

Moroccan Lamps

A Moroccan lamp is an art piece and a functional form all in one. These lamp designs are varied ranging from the hanging pendant lamps, to the creative table lamps. Therefore, they do beautify any place bringing the Moroccan feel into any home and are ideal for giving your home a warm and cozy look.

Moroccan Lanterns

Moroccan Lanterns

A Moroccan lantern can be conventional or has a contemporary design and is thus versatile in appeal. As for the lanterns themselves, they are usually of metal and glass; the designs on the glass are very artistic and the shadows resulting from their light are even more beautiful. Contemporary designs might include some aspects of Morrocan touches although the interiors’ design might be more of a contemporary style.

Leather Products

Moroccan Leather Products

This category of Moroccan leather products is probably one of the most recognizable souvenirs that one can associate with the Marrakech souks. There is everything starting from bags, belts, jackets, and perhaps one of the most famous footwear items from Morocco – babouches. besides this, they offered pieces of leather products living up to their durability, created by specially talented hands and the historical approach.

Moroccan Argan Oil Products

Moroccan Argan Oil Products

Generally, the souks of Morocco, one may buy different sorts of Moroccan Argan oil products, starting with the purest type of it up to lotions and shampoos. Be sure to purchase the genuine product for this case, the purest argan oil to benefit from all qualities associated with it.

Visiting Souks in Mararkech while your Morocco Tours

Morocco Tours

Visiting the souks can as well be a much more productive experience if done under the guide’s instructions. Different Morocco tours include transfers to the souks accompanied by historical facts and details about the culture. Expect to learn from these tours on how to move around the crowded markets and identifying those places that you might not notice on your own, only when you are having a private or shared trip to Morocco.

Tips for Shopping in the Souks

Bargaining Techniques

Haggling is the order of the day when shopping for goods in Moroccan souks. Therefore, begin with the offer to give fifty percent of the price initially mentioned and be ready for the bargaining to begin. That is what it is all about.

Best Times to Visit

The souks are very popular, which means that they are often full – it’s advisable to visit in the morning or in the evening. That way, the large crowds are not there either So this way it prevented the heat and large crowds of population.

Staying Safe

Do observe your surroundings and ensure that personal effects do not go missing. The souks are mostly secure although it’s always wise to be careful.

Navigating the Souks

Getting Around

As for these small streets, these are characterized by thin and sharp alleyways which represent what we can refer to as souks. Quite often, those, who are aimlessly wandering around this enormous shopping center, hear that it is rather simple to get lost in it. It is not fatalist nor to phony optimism if I say, don’t rein yourself and just go wander and roam.

Using Maps and Guides

Although wandering aimlessly is entertaining, one could find his or her way through preferred stalls or products after having a map or a guide.

Hidden Gems in the Souks

Lesser-Known Stalls

Other than shops that are mostly along the main highways, there are those stalls unique products. These shops are generally where the best you can find deals and some of the most unique merchandise.

Unique Finds

Look out for pieces like carpets that may have been made before many years, jewelry that may have been made decades ago, and pottery that has been made by the hands of artisans. These are the treasures that make souks what they are.

Experiencing the Atmosphere

Sights, Sounds, and Smells

The souks once again become a feast to ones senses. The textiles that people wear, availability of purchasing goods at very cheap bargaining prices and last but not the least the exotic smell of spices and foods makes shopping a fantastic experience.

The Hustle and Bustle

Souks are very energetic places. Technology makes things very crowded but one has to accept the situation and enjoy the improved babble.

Photography Tips

Capturing the Essence of the Souks

To achieve the aim of capturing the true image of the souks, there lies more emphasis on the characteristics. Capture the products close up; capture the skin textures and the color of the products.

Respecting Privacy

It is always wrong to take photo’s of people without their approval. Many vendors are willing to entertain this, but it is still proper to ask permission first.

Sustainability in the Souks

Eco-Friendly Shopping

Choose items that are environmentally friendly and businessmen who are concern with saving the environment. They boost the economy in that region and are friendly to the environment.

Supporting Local Artisans

If you decide to buy from local artisans it means you are going to receive multifunctional and beautiful objects while at the same time supporting local craftsmen.


The souks in Marrakech have everything and I would say even more – culture, history, and various Moroccan products. And in general, whether you are buying spices, ordinary clothes, or looking for a gift – the atmosphere is inexpressible. Therefore, let the excitement begin,  and, explore the mystery of Marrakech Souks.

The Souks of Morocco: A Shopper’s Paradise
Discover Moroccan Treasures: Shopping in Morocco

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