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Morocco Products Shop

Morocco Products Shop is your online store specialized in Moroccan handicrafts from different areas in the kingdom. Moroccan craftsmanship is a reference point of civilization, a Legacy of Berber, Andalusian, and Jewish traditions.

Mohamed and Hassan are the owners of Morocco Products company. Both of us come from the Moroccan Desert. Our goal behind this project is to make the Moroccan artisan products reach the whole world. 

Carpet Weaving in Morocco
Carpet Weaving in Morocco

The Story behind the store

Both of us were raised in small villages in the southeastern regions of the country. The populations in these villages follow traditional ways in their daily lives. Women traditionally weave Berber carpets during their free time, especially in the afternoon, while men engage in various activities such as working in fossil fields, pottery, some pursue a nomadic lifestyle, and others are involved in basic agriculture… We have observed that many tourists express interest in Moroccan handicrafts, and we acknowledge the value of our handmade artisanal products in Morocco

Launching of Morocco Top Trips

Our region in Morocco is renowned as a tourist destination, attracting thousands of visitors weekly. Growing up in a touristy area, particularly in the region of Erg Chebbi dunes, Merzouga, we were in constant contact with tourists from our childhood. It was during this time that the idea of starting a company and becoming more professional dawned on us. Since 2004, we have been active in the hospitality and tourism industry in Morocco. In 2017, we decided to create our own tour company, leading to the birth of Morocco Top Trips.

merzouga, morocco products shop
Merzouga, a tourist destination

Customer Satisfaction

Since the establishment of Morocco Top Trips, we have prioritized customer satisfaction, leading to the development of a strong reputation for our tour company. You can check customer reviews about us on TripAdvisor. This excellent reputation is the result of hard work, honesty, and meticulous attention to small details while operating in Morocco

Artisan Souk in Morocco
Artisan Souk in Morocco

The Online Store

Due to our strong connection with clients, we observed a significant interest in Moroccan handmade items, marking the beginning of the online store’s story. It all started with a lovely family from Florida who booked a 14-day tour in Morocco. Upon their return to the US, they contacted us, expressing their desire for Moroccan leather poufs and brass lamps. Providing us with the design specifications and size, we promptly shipped them the finest products available in the market within just two weeks. This timeframe proves to be an excellent deadline for custom orders, leading to the official launch of Morocco Products Shop.

What we do for you?

Moroccan handicrafts are full of special stories. Method passed on through expert guilds where a master “maalem” (the core of Moroccan crafts) teaches apprentices and checks their expertise. A big repertory of designs gathers sweet foliage, Arabic calligraphy, and abstract geometry typical of urban design with the sharply stylized animals, birds, triangles, zigzags, and squares of Berber origin. Morocco’s craft culture combines indigenous Berber traditions with Jewish, Arab, Andalusian, and other Western influences. They are working mostly using local materials which contain wood, stone, mineral, metal, clay deposits, and supplies of leather and wood.

We invite you to discover Moroccan handicrafts handmade by men and women who make a living through their valuable handmade products.

Moroccoproducts is a mutual platform, part of a solidarity economy and dynamic social, it supports artists, creators, associations, designers, and local cooperatives.

Our team has straight access to skilled craftsmen to produce timeless objects and home interior items. These “maalems” masters of their crafts share with us the process and technique which is intrinsic to these real designs.

We work collaboratively with artisans, we target the accurate details to make a fusion between contemporary design and old tradition while appreciating the charm in these rightly imperfect creations. From handmade pottery from Sahara, individually hand-blown glassware, to wool-woven textiles from the Atlas Mountains – these details set our products apart from the industrial producers.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best and a big range of handmade products that meet your needs and keep you relaxed.

We have dedicated staff and strategic partners who help us research and make the items that our clients deserve. We forever keep an eye on the new trends of handmade items and continuously improve our products and our customer’s wishes first.

Our mission is to bring customers the top experience when using both; our products and our service. The interests of our customers are forever the top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them accessible to you.

In rural Berber villages, in bustling cities, and in a stunning desert oasis, you will meet amazing women who honor their cultural traditions as well as those who crave new roads in social life via political entrepreneurship and political office. Each is guided by her determination and hope for economic stability.

Through their love of their hand, they developed a powerful sense of hospitality, all the while preserving their culture and identity by resisting the hard work for millennia

Women play a special role in producing handmade products in Morocco. They are the artists who weave rugs, produce argan oil, they also make jewelry.

Visit Morocco

Discover Morocco with our planned trips. Visit old cities, enjoy lively markets, and marvel at the Sahara’s splendor. Don’t miss out on your Moroccan adventure – reserve your spot today!

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