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Souks of Morocco

The Souks of Morocco: A Shopper’s Paradise

heySouks, Morocco’s markets, are perhaps some of the most enthralling in the world owing to the colourful and vibrant land of Morocco’s contrasts. These markets are the soul of Moroccan cities; one immersed in the noise of haggling voices, whiff of spices, and the general bustle of business in Morocco. Ranging from the narrow streets of Marrakech to the markets of Fez, souks are the places which hold the true Moroccan flavor. In this blog, Morocco Products are going to start a travel around the most popular souks of Morocco, understanding their history, what they offer and how to get there.

Navigating the Souks: Tips for a Successful Shopping Experience

Navigating the Souks of Morocco

Shopping in the souks can sometimes be a quite a challenge particularly if one is new at the place. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can navigate these markets with confidence and ease:However, with a few tips and tricks, you can navigate these markets with confidence and ease:

1. Hire a local guide:

It is advisable to go for guided tours of Morocco either Morocco private tours or in a group so that you can fully enjoy the souk. This can be done by seeking the services of a professional guide who is always in a position to explain historical background of market places as well as x-ray market deals.

2. Engage in haggling:

Another thing that is vivid about souk is bargaining. However the best feature when dealing with people is bargaining, do it nicely and always with a smile on your face. Again, note that Tanzanians are normally overcharged to begin with so bargaining is worthy.

3. Bring small bills:

Therefore, holding a number of small bills readily accessible will ease this aspect of bargaining and help obtain better buys.

4. Explore lesser-known souks:

The major and common souks in Moroccan cities like Marrakech and Fez are famous for a reason but do not stick strictly to the outstanding souks. Less popular souks can be more authentic and if you are lucky enough you can find some interesting items.

Discovering Moroccan Treasures: What to Buy in the Souks

Morocco Bazars

Handmade products that you can find in Morocco souks – all of them are special and tell their own story. Some of the most popular items to buy include:Some of the most popular items to buy include:

Berber Carpets

Berber Rugs

Berber carpets are genuine expressions of artisanal design and Moroccan people’s artistic heritage. T bear complex and graphic designs and the traditional dyes permited providing them with rich colors. No matter whether one is in the market for an authentic Beni Ourain rug or more modern day Azilal design, there is simply a plethora of choice in the souks.

 Moroccan Argan Oil Products

Moroccan Argain Oil Products

Argan oil, derived from the nuts of the argan tree is an exclusive natural product of Morocco. This oil holds many health and beauty promoting properties and is not limited to hair oils, body and face moisturizers, edible oils, and soap. This is a fine opportunity to choose spirited, genuine Moroccan argon oil products without intermediaries in the souks of Morocco, as they are bought from the cooperatives of artisans and studios that produce them.

Moroccan Lamps and Lanterns

Moroccan Lamps and Lanterns

While Moroccan lamps and Moroccan lanterns are primarily lighting fixtures, they are more of beautiful decorative pieces that bring charm to an area. These elegant, created lamps are available in various shapes and designs, ranging from Moroccan lamp-shades popularized as lanterns to lamps with various geometrical designs made from metal, glasses and elaborated metal works. Our online Morocco store is selling the Moroccan lamps, possessing all distinct and a relatively different makes.

Leather Products

Leather Products

Morocco is particularly famous for their fine leather products and you will find the best of the genuine leather products hand crafted in the Souks. Be it a bag, shoes, jackets or belts, artisans of Morocco craft outstating leather products of excellent workmanship and quality. There are many products available in the stalls and bargaining with the sellers one can get the best leather product to take home as a souvenir.

Spices and Herbs

Moroccan spices are often hot; it is a place one might purchase fresh and superior spices and herbs. Starting from the ras el hanout to the aromatic cumin and the sweetness of the cinnamon, the souks are a whole affair for any food fanatic. Stroll through the stalls, try different spices, get into the atmosphere of Moroccan cuisine and Apostle’s fragrance.

 Exploring Morocco Beyond the Souks

Despite the attractiveness of the Souks as the central component of any Morocco exploration, there is definitely so much more to explore in the mysterious country. If a natural landscape is what you wish to seek, then it is high time to book a Morocco private tour or sign up for a group tour Morocco to marvel at High Atlas Mountains to the Sahara and beyond. See the historic cities of Fez and Marrakech and taste of the villager’s authentic way of live in the Morocco.

The Magical Souks of Marrakech

Jemaa el-Fnaa: The Heartbeat of Marrakech

Exploring souks is incomplete without visiting Jemaa el-Fnaa souk in central Morocco; Marrakech to be precise. During trips from Marrakech, one gets to see and hear people selling juices, appears people with snakes, and other entertainers. This morphs into a thriving hub of foodsellers after the sun has gone down with many salespeople selling foods ranging from harira soups, which are typical, to barbecued kebabs.

The Souk Semmarine: A Labyrinth of Wonders

Beside the Jema el-Fnaa square is the Souk Semmarine, a complex network of winding alleys selling all kinds of souvenirs, spices, small animals, baboo, junk jewelry, …. Here, you may buy everything from the beautiful lanterns and fabrics to spices and Moroccan shoes – babouches. The smell of almonds and saffron of spices, the yelling of merchants peddling their products, the negotiative tones, a mix of restlessness and adrenaline.

The Souk of the Dyers: A Splash of Color

Further in the medina you may get lost in the Souk of the Dyers which is even more colorful, as people there dyed wool and fabrics in various bright colors. Photographers agree that the freshly dyed yarns hanging on the rack waiting for the sun to dry them can make any photo look great. This souk gives the tourist an estimated feeling of how the traditional dyeing process looked like in the past generations.

Fez: The Oldest Medina in Morocco

The Tannery Souk: A Unique Experience

Fez houses one of the oldest medinas in the world and its souks are indeed a rich history of Morocco’s craftsmanship. The courtyard of the tannery itself, a business established in the 11th century, is perhaps the city’s most famous sightseeing attraction. While your trips from Fez you will still be able to see the time honored craft of tanning leather using tremendous stone troughs of dyes. The stench was rather unpleasant but the show that the tanners put up was rather interesting to watch. There are leather items including bags, belts, wallets and jackets for sale in the nearby shops and thus perfect for souvenirs.

Souk el Henna: A Tradition of Beauty

It specifically for the beauty and cosmetics lovers Souk el Henna is a place to visit. It offers organic cosmetic like hair dyes, henna, argan oil and so on, kohl, and other oriental items. Henna works of art can be as simple as outlined here or done as more complex patterns by talented henna artists.

The Coastal Charm of Essaouira

The Spice Souk: A Feast for the Senses

Morocco destination of Essaouira is well renowned for its laid-back ambience and the art of craft souks. The Spice Souk is a fine maze like bright beautiful and full of aromas of spices, fruits and herbs.

The Artisan Souk: Craftsmanship at Its Best

Essaouira is also an artisans’ markets in which one can acquire unique carvings on wood and stingray, fine silver jewelry and beautiful pottery. The blue and white color predominant in Mombasa is part and parcel reflected in the items being sold in this shop and thus makes them attractive souvenirs.

Tangier: The Gateway to Africa

The Grand Socco: A Blend of Cultures

Tangier, known as the gate to Africa, is imbued with exotic and multicolored ethnography and fascinating souks. The place known as the ‘ Grand Socco ‘ or the ‘Big Market,’ is a current Moroccan square that has transferred European belonging. This market presents a variety of fresh products from the region, fabrics, and trinkets as well as an insight into the city’s international outlook that was characteristic of Tangier.

The Petit Socco: A Historical Gem

Next to it there is Petit Socco (Little Market), it has it historical background besides being a place where artists, writers, and travelers have convened in the past, further contributing to its bohemian feel. Some cafes and shops compose the square, making it the right place to sit down and watch the people passing by while your trips from Tangier.


Moroccan souks are an evidence of the wonderful and historical culture of Morocco. These open air markets are an experience in itself whether if one is an experienced shopper or just wants to get the feel of a culturally rich city. A great sense of orientation, readiness for an offbeat experience and some measure of common sense would go a long way in helping one shop till one drips or in rippling a fantastic souk-shopping spree.

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