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A Set of Moroccan Lamps and Moroccan Lanterns

Moroccan Products for Home: Lanterns, Leather products and Berber Carpets

Did you know that Morocco is the country that sells more than $2 of something that is not even yours?More than 5 billion of handicrafts Morocco products are created each year? This proves their great cultural background and extraordinary skills. In Morocco Products, you can look at and purchase a vast variety of real Moroccan products. They highly regard the country’s special traditions.

We put a lot of effort into respecting Morocco’s culture in a correct manner, at the same time being environmentally friendly. Their collection covers all types of bags from leather to vintage, vintage and travel bags. Besides, the rentals include ceramics and light fixtures which make your room exotic. Besides, they provide the best Moroccan Argan oil and the exquisite woven rugs that show Morocco’s individual characteristics and the spirit of its inhabitants.

Moroccan Lanterns: The handcrafted indulgence for the creation of the indoor and outdoor lights

Moroccan Lanterns: The handcrafted indulgence for the creation of the indoor and outdoor lights

Moroccans lanterns are the magic that is the space both inside and outside. They are famous for their intricate design and the comfortable light they produce.

A lot of lanterns of Moroccan kind exist. They are there in various sizes and shapes, made of glass, metal and brass. Therefore they are suited for every room and style.

The lanterns are the kind that can be used inside, and, when put inside, they light up the area in a soft, beautiful way. They are not only lighting; they are also the stunning decorations which bring the Moroccan beauty to your home.

The outside is transformed into a fairy tale by them which makes your garden or patio look magical. They are amazing for parties or quiet nights, which in turn makes the atmosphere sound warm and cozy.

Moroccan lanterns are made entirely by hand and with great care. Each one is like a piece of artwork, thus, demonstrating Morocco’s history of craftsmanship which is long and fascinating.

If you are to make your indoor spaces cuddly or your outdoor areas beautiful, Moroccan lanterns are the number one. Have a look at our artistic collection to find out how unique Moroccan design and skill can be.

Quality Moroccan Lamps: Unique Pieces of Art

Quality Moroccan Lamps: Unique Pieces of Art

Moroccan lamps are not just for lighting they are good for more than that. They are, in their own way, one of a kind pieces of art, made with expertness and affection by the Moroccan craftsmen. The lamps made from the high-quality materials are unique and different from each other. You can find everything from the secret Oriental atmosphere lamps to the renowned Aladin’s lamp.

Introduce a Moroccan lamp to your space and then it will amaze you as it will transform it. Its detailed patterns, together with the level of light, make any room unique. You can choose for the classical brass one or one that is more modern. Either way, your home will be more like a home, special and happy.

The production of Moroccan lamps is a story of the ancient customs and the mastery in the work. These lights are not only lights, they are more than that. These are the stories of Moroccan culture that have been moulded through the use of brass, for example, enduring brass. The combination of old techniques and new ideas creates every Moroccan lamp to be unique.

Moroccan Leather Goods: Handmade Elegance

Moroccan Leather Goods

Examine the hand of intricacy and mastery of Moroccan leather goods. These items are made by hand, adhering to old methods. This reveals Moroccos’s profound culture and love for detail.

They provide a wide spectrum from the expensive bags to the inexpensive items such as the wallets and belts. Every one is made with immense attention to detail. This way they become strong and durable.

Locating a special bag or a plain thing to add to your look is simple with the help of Moroccan leather goods. They have a unique shape and texture which stands out from the crowd. You will be unique and in your own style.

Immerse yourself in the world of Moroccan leather. Look how it creates luxury in the daily life. Look for your ideal leather outfit with us, for your fashion or your house.

Vibrant Berber Carpets: Adding Color and Texture to Your Home

Vibrant Berber Carpets: Adding Color and Texture to Your Home

Berber carpets are the typical Moroccan carpets that are famous for their bright colors and detailed patterns. The Berber tribes have been building them for years. This is a proof of the profound cultural past of the place.

Berber carpets are exhibited by their distinctive designs and the use of natural materials. They are composed of the best wool which makes them so warm and cozy to wear. This explains why they are strong, soft, and feel comfortable to wear.

The Berber carpet is a perfect match to your house because it makes your house more warm, colorful, and textured. The rich colors and the designs of the things you use to decorate your room make any room look prettier. Their sudden appearance makes people quickly look at them.

These carpets are the right ones for any home, from the traditional to the modern ones. There is a broad array of styles to pick from. You can go from geometric to abstract, so you can see the right one for your area.

Each Berber carpet is crafted by hand. This entails that every piece is special, with its unique background. This is the special magic that makes your house a unique and lovely place.

Berber carpets are favored by most people for their gorgeous and everlasting attractiveness. They are both fashionable and useful at the same time, thus, they are suitable for any home style.

Get to know more about Berber carpets and see how their magic will impress your home. They lift the Moroccan culture and the beautiful colors into your room. These carpets made by hands are the best options if you want to bring the beauty to any room.

Moroccan Spices: Flavors of Morocco

Moroccan Spices

Morocco is famously recognized for its mouth-watering dishes that are full of different spices. These spices are selected wisely to make the food taste and smell different. They add the ingredients to the dishes which make them look like a treat to the eyes, and the taste of all the flavors go well together.

The most common Moroccan spices are cumin, coriander, paprika, and saffron. Cumin is deep and ground, the perfect ingredient to spread the flavors over a dish. Coriander whispers of citrus and sweetness, hence it mesmerizes the food of all sorts. Paprika has a hint of smoke and spice, which is perfect for the preparation of entrees and stews. Saffron is quite expensive, but it gives a sweet, floral feel to the dishes, which makes the recipes special.

The spices are used in many recipes, for example in the tagines, couscous, mint tea, and pastries. Calibration of them in the right manner is like a trip to the flavor of Morocco. A word or even a sip can make you think of the Morrocan streets that are full of life.

The Moroccan spices are a way of experiencing the original Moroccan tastes in the comfort of home. Experiment with different juice combinations and doses to find your own favorit blend. Chefs to the kitchen newbies, putting a small piece of Moroccan spice will be the turn of ups in your cooking.

Moroccan Jewelry: Exquisite Craftsmanship

Moroccan Jewelry UNIQUE

Moroccan jewelry is renowned for its intricacy and splendor. The masters of these works make them by hand. They are using silver and adding semi-precious stones like turquoise and amethyst. Every product is one of a kind, hence, it displays the unique aspect of Morocco’s culture. You can come across the necklaces that will draw a lot of attention or the earrings that will be elegant here. It suits any style.

The Moroccan jewelry is unique because it’s made of silver. Artists have been in the business of perfecting this craft for generations. Silver enables them to make the clothing pieces more expensive by adding the intricate patterns and details. The compression of the vehicle hence results in each and every artwork to have a look of it being light and graceful.

These jewels are not only made of gold but also semi-precious stones. They choose stones such as turquoise and amethyst since they are so beautiful. The silver suitably mixes with these stones to create balance. Thus the mix of Arab, Berber, and European influences produces the perfect examples of Moroccan fashion.

Looking for a dramatic class for a special night or something simple to go for work or school?Moroccan jewelry has all the prerequisites. Its beauty and quality make it the object of admiration and collection for the fan and collectors. Get to know Moroccan preciousstones and learn their story of beauty and tradition.

Moroccan Textiles: Artistry and Tradition

Moroccan Textiles

You can find the stunning textiles of Morocco which represent the country’s craftsmanship. They are well-known for their many-colored patterns and materials.

Take a journey into the Moroccan textiles and their bright colours. These fabrics are the ones that can make any room to look like red, blue, and green.

Examine carefully and you will be able to understand the tales in the designs. These designs are about Morocco’s culture that is reflected in a beautiful fabric.

Traditional Fabrics

Moroccan textiles are unique in the world and this can be seen by the fact that they represent the society to some extent. They are created with the old ways, using materials which are wool and silk.

The ‘Handira’ wedding blankets are an special treasure. The sequins and embroidery, used in crafting the fairy dresses, express the feelings of joy and love.

The ‘Kilim’ rugs are not only distinctive, but they are also remarkable. Handmade, they have different materials which demonstrate the skill of the weavers.

Textile Craftsmanship

The artisans in Morocco create these textiles with so much care that they are considered a masterpiece. Through outdated method such as hand-weaving and dyeing, they employ these techniques.

Each fabric is crafted by hand, with great attention to detail. This procedure is the embodiment of the a lot of old customs of Morocco.

Moroccan Patterns

The designs in the Moroccan textiles are the outcome of the country’s history. Arabesque patterns which are based on Islamic art are used as well. They add the grace and elegance of the fabrics.

From the rugs to the tapestries, the Moroccan textiles can be the perfect thing to enrich any home. They are the beacons of Moroccan culture, in terms of art and traditions, carrying the culture of Morocco, they are the peers of the Moroccan people.

Moroccan Aroma Lamps: Creating a Serene Ambiance

floor lanterns morocco

Artisans from Morocco have been making these lamps beautifully for centuries. All of them reveal their own special designs. They are the main symbols of elegance and serenity, hence they create an elegant and tranquil vibe wherever you place them.

You can put your preference oil or incense cone on the lamp. The heat makes the sweet scent to disappear. The lamp’s light and the delightful smell of its aroma turn your house into a relaxing and ultra-peaceful sanctuary.

Discover your dream Arabian lantern in our stock. There are numerous designs, both the traditional ones, and the modern ones. The Morocco’s magnificent aromas are going to be your companions in your home and you will have a home of tranquility.

Worldwide Shipping and Custom Orders

At Morocco Products, we aim to make shopping for Moroccan items hassle-free. We ship worldwide, so anyone can bring a touch of Morocco to their home. We ensure safe delivery of Moroccan lanterns, lamps, leather goods, and Berber carpets to you.

Choosing something special? We offer custom orders to meet your design dreams. Make a Moroccan lantern just how you want it or a leather bag that suits your taste. Let us know, and our craftsmen will turn your ideas into reality.

We want your shopping with us to be easy and personal. Our team will help from choosing items to making your order. We’re all about the details and making sure you’re happy with your purchase and our service.

Get ready to add Moroccan beauty and skill to your life. With us, you can shop from anywhere in the world. Let Morocco Products introduce Morocco’s charm right in your home.

Contact Us for More Information

Should you want to ask questions or to get more information about our Morocco products, please do not hesitate to reach us. Our specialists will be always at your service to assist you in your search for the perfect product or service. Perhaps you are an interior designer who wants to have one of a kind furniture for a project. Or, you may be a person who wants to lend Moroccan-like charm to your house. We are here to give the advice and help that you wanted.


Moroccan products like lanterns, lamps, leather goods and carpets, which are the soul of Morocco, make your home basically Moroccan. Every item is crafted with hands, thus reflecting the country’s history and the Moroccan culture. They are the ones that provide the coziness, the elegance, and the touch of the exotic, which in turn, makes your home unique.

The most appropriate option is to pick the lanterns that create a cozy feel. Or, to have a special style, take a look at the leather products and the Berber carpets. We cater to all needs and interests of people.

Our products are the perfect combination of Moroccan lanterns, lamps, leather, and carpets; they are the ones that make the country beautiful. They are all made by hand, which is a great way to display the talents of Morocco’s skilled artisans. Every one of these parts, is a symbol of a long-standing tradition and a lot of love.

Make your home stylish and elegant with Moroccan tendencies and discover the rich and cultural depth of the country. Our goods make Morocco’s magic available to your space. Experience Morocco’s beauty at your own residential place with us.

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